Sunday, February 3, 2008

lil doodles....

This is an awesome excercise. I want to finish a couple of these and make them into final illustrations.


AB said...

Jesus man, way to show off. I like the guy at the top with the jacked up teeth. I also like the alien with the giant eyes. Good stuff man.

Lo said...

I'll have to say my favs are the cat and the old lady. The old lady makes me think of when we were little and we'd be warned at Halloween to only accept wrapped candy because people put razors in apples. Well that old lady you drew would definately try to shred a little kids mouth with something sharp.
Anyway, i noticed that in most of your pics you rotated the shape about 100 degrees to the right. I'm curious to see what everyone else posts and what position of the shape inspires them the most.
K, tis all from me.
Lo out.